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Eco-diet and fitness plan

The surprisingly simple way to lose weight fast and get into the shape permanently.

The surprisingly simple way to lose weight fast and get into the best shape of your life – permanently This book clearly outlines a complete and permanent solution It’s a scientifically based and nutritionally sound way of eating based on the same diet our ancestors followed for thousands of years.


Lose Weight With Yoga

Take Control of Your Life Easy ebook shows you how

Yoga Weight Loss Secrets is an ebook featuring a program of natural, healthy and sustained weight loss. With this program you will not lose 30 pounds in 30 days (and then gain it back in five days of binge eating) but you will learn simple exercises and postures, meditation and health tips that will give you healthy weight loss and inner peace that will stay with you for your entire life


Hypnosis to change your life

This will lose weight, stop smoking, gain unlimited confidence and motivation.

Steve G. Jones – Hypnosis Can Help You to Lose Weight, Stop Smoking and Gain Unlimited Confidence And Motivation.


Weight Loss Gods Way

Put an end to your out of control eating for good.let gods own timeless wisdom

Stop Dieting and End Your Out-of-control Eating Forever With God’s Own Permanent Weight Loss SolutionGet lifelong control of your eating God’s Way – from the inside out.Go smoothly and safely to your healthiest weight — and stay there — without drugs, pills, diets, or surgery.Get yourself


Mediterranean Diet Secrets.

Find all information you need about the Mediterranean diet and other weight loss techniques. Get high quality articles.

Finally a diet plan that offers fast and effective weightloss with out the need for pills, supplements or fad diets.

1 2 320 21 22

Failure as an Obstacle

People hate to fail. It associates them with losing which makes them believe they are losers. Society doesn’t look favorably on losers. When failure does happen, people tend to give up too easily instead of using the experience as a way to learn and grow.

We are going to face many obstacles that will knock us down. Some of them will be small obstacles while others will be more severe. We set up blocks within our psyche that prevents us from overcoming these obstacles, no matter what they are.

Some obstacles may require professional help. For instance, if you have lost a limb, you may need physical therapy to get used to life without that limb. If you are using an artificial limb, you will need therapy to become familiar with living with that new limb.

If it is a traumatic experience, it could affect your mental capacity. In such cases, you may need to seek a counselor or psychiatrist to help you deal with the situation you face. Many feel it’s better to get help as soon as the traumatic experience occurs as it will be easier to come to grips with it. Although, it is possible to get help at any point in time.

When your failure isn’t severe (where you’ll need some extra help), you need to reach within yourself and recognize failure for what it is, a learning experience. Read profiles of most influential people, and you will find they have all failed multiple times. The difference is they kept going and did not let those failures deter them.

You need to believe in yourself and what you are doing. When that happens, you will become unstoppable. For example, suppose you have been thinking about creating a business based on something you are good at. You know that you can make it work and also know that others will be receptive to the idea when you do. As long as you keep your focus on that belief, you will do what it takes to make it work. It won’t matter how many failures happen. Your belief system is in place, and you will analyze your failures to see how you can make changes.

People who have a strong belief will get others on board as well. Suppose, for instance, your spouse is hesitant about your new venture. If you show how strong your belief in the concept is, your spouse will likely come around to supporting you over time.

Self Help Part.2

Why Taking Risk Is A MUST

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.”– John F. Kennedy

Some people view life as a set of choices with varying degrees of risk. They then make choicesbased on risk mitigation rather than potential gains.The truth of the matter is, if you want to make the most of your life and really experience everything you truly desire, you have no choice but to RISK.

This means taking risks despite fear. Taking risks despite being uncomfortable. If the end goal isimportant enough, the uncomfortable risk can be handled and managed.BUT you must find the end goal that is worthy of this sort of undertaking.

Use today to focus on those powerful goals and the powerful (and likely “risky”) actions that you can be taking to advance towards those goals.Focus on the win and accept the risk as the price you pay for the dream. Will it be worth it? You better believe it.

The Law Of Vibration — You Get What You Put Out

“Since you get more joy out of giving to others,you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Most people are aware of the physical laws of our universe including vibration. You get what you put out!I want to challenge you today. Make your entire focus about exuding the energy that you want to attract into your life.

If you want laughter and happiness, CREATE IT through your actions. If you want compassion, go out and be compassionate to the people around you. If you want to be understood, be understanding of other people. Look at their lives and put yourself in their shoes.

Give away what you want today and pay very close attention as to how this attitude acts like a mirror.You will be amazed at the results you begin to produce.

Responding, Rather Than Reaction, To The Obstacles In Life

“Health, happiness and success depend upon the fighting spirit of each person. The big thing is not what happens to us in life – but what we do about what happens to us.” — George Allen

Life happens. Good things happen and bad things happen. They happen to everyone and seemingly in a totally random set of events and circumstances.We can argue about why these things happen and what causes certain events to take place but the fact remains…

We can choose to react to life. Or we can choose to respond to life.When you react you do so from a primitive mindset of self preservation and it usually translates to something negative. We think thoughts like “OF COURSE this HAD to happen to me.”

When you respond to life, you can be more proactive. You can look at even the most negative event and search for the hidden opportunity. You can remind yourself that most successful people found success out of problems and struggles. Maybe this moment is


When things don’t go to plan today, remember this and immediately hunt for that opportunity.

Exercise Your Persistence Muscles

“Persistence is to the character of a man as carbon is to steel.” — Napoleon Hill


How would you define your personal character? How would others definite your personal character? Persistence is really all about faith and belief.If you are working on big plans for your life, there is a very good chance that you are going to face obstacle after obstacle.

There isn’t really some magic event where suddenly all obstacles get removed and life gets easy. Life IS persistence and your ability to persist will ultimately define who you are.How strong is your own self belief and faith? Could it be stronger? Use today to think about your life in ways that will only strengthen your persistence muscles and drive you forward towards those big goals and dreams that you have been envisioning.

Make Today A Confidence Boosting Day

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won before you have started.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Confidence is such an important component to personal success and happiness. It is also extremely volatile and unless we know how to summon our confidence, we can become shy, timid and inactive.Even the most confident people in the world like pro athletes can have their confidence shattered in a single moment. Their entire performance falls apart when this happens.

There is no magic pill that you can take to suddenly become confident but you can certainly make a habit of practicing your confidence.Use today as a “confidence boosting day”. Write down everything you are good at. Think about all of the wins you have experienced in your life. Big or small it doesn’t matter. Feed your mind with “confidence fuel”.

Convince yourself that you are DAMN good and experience the true feelings of confidence as it permeates through you. Now, imagine if you made this a daily practice. Your confidence would surpass anything you have experienced before. Make today your “confidence” day!





Dealing With Obstacles

Could You Imagine Life Without Obstacles?

Suppose you are given a choice to live a life without any obstacles? Would you take that if it were possible? You may be tempted to jump at the chance. However, it is likely it would not measure up to your expectations.

Several years ago, one television program focused on only good news. It looked for good news in the local community and even in other places. The show did not last because people seem to be more drawn to bad news.

Our minds are hardwired to solve problems. When problems don’t exist, our minds become idle and we become bored with our situations. Therefore, subconsciously, we welcome obstacles so that we can figure out how to overcome or solve them.

Just think about an obstacle course. Why do these even exist? If we weren’t so inclined to solve problems, these never would have become popular. But, we still participate in them because of the challenge involved.

When we get past some obstacle, we get a feeling of elation, which increases in proportion to how extreme the obstacle. Getting past the obstacle may be instant or involve some time. It could be mental or physical, or both. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the situation, we welcome the challenge.

Some people will withdraw when faced with certain obstacles. They feel as though the obstacles are beyond their ability to solve them. This is unfortunate because we all have the capability of solving most situations. Even when the obstacles are dire, people who approach it in a positive manner will have a much greater chance of overcoming them. What is certain is if you don’t try, you will fail and that obstacle will become part of you in a negative way. It could destroy your life if you let it.

Obstacles are a part of life and as you have seen from this article, are necessary for our survival. They may be difficult to come to terms with. However, when we get to the point of overcoming them, we have tools we can use to make our lives better. This can extend to helping others as well.

Think about all this the next time you are faced with a difficult situation. It can make the difference in getting past the problem and you will become stronger in the process. You will also show others that you can deal with adverse situations.


Self Help

Your Personal Vision For Your Life

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position”– John Maxwell

This quote form John Maxwell is so rich with truth. The key words here are “vision” and passion.What is your vision for your life? What is your vision for your career? Your health? Your relationship? And so on…Take some time today to re-aquaint yourself with your personal vision for your life. How do you see your ultimate life unfolding?

Notice how your own sense of passion becomes activated as you think about your ultimate vision.What are you passionate about? Have you been neglecting some of your passions due to a hectic schedule?Just for today, remind yourself about all of these things. Recognize areas of opportunity to re-introduce your passions back into your regular routine.

Being Aware Of Your Own Self Worth

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” — Oscar Wilde

This quote is really all about self worth. In our materialistic world, it becomes very easy to look externally and simply compare what we have (and more often, what we lack) versus other people.The truth is every person has amazing gifts, talents and passions that can brought to the surface and expressed in a way that far exceeds any of that material insignificance.

For some people, it is that ability to help a friend pull themselves out of a rut and find happiness. For other people that personal gift may be expressed in a specific hobby or talent where other people look at the result in awe.The same goes for you.Use today to focus on those aspects of yourself that CANNOT be taken from you. Imagine you were dropped in a new land with nothing but the clothes on your back. How would you use the gifts you already possess to make a new life for yourself?

Remembering The Importance Of Persistence

“The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.”– Napoleon Hill

First of all let me address this quote. Given the times that Mr. Hill lived in, we can forgive him for using the term “men” but let’s agree that this quote applies to everyone equally.If we are completely honest with ourselves, every one of us has come up short when it comes to finding plans that work. In fact, in most cases, when we have a new idea that we want to implement in our lives, our first attempts almost always falls short.

There is no “failure” per se but rather, a choice. Do we choose to draft new plans and keep going? Or do we give up on the idea and move on.The first thing you should recognize is that this quote should be taken to heart when it comes to fulfilling your ultimate goals and dreams in life. I’m talking about that goal you may have to ditch your desk job and start the animal sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of owning…. you know what I mean… the BIG dreams.

Right now you may be working on a big goal or a big idea and things may not be going so well. Remember this quote and remember to adjust, adapt and expand your ideas but NEVER give up if the goal is important to you.You can do it… you just need to persist. And sometimesthat persistence will be the only thing to keep you going.

Action Is The KEY To Success

“If your desire is to do good there is no need to wait for money before you do it; you can do it now, this very moment, and just where you are.”– James Allen

This quote from James Allen carries profound wisdom, truth and power.Let this quote help you bring your awareness back to the present moment. Realize that anything you want to do CAN BE DONE just where you stand right now.

One little action is all it takes.One action leads to a second action. Things begin to happen and before you know if you have momentum.Think about anything you may have built or designed in your lifetime. A painting, a puzzle, your garden, and so on.They all started with the first brush stroke, the first puzzle piece, or the first shovel of dirt.There is power in every moment you decide to act.So act!

Understanding What Gives Your Life Meaning

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”– Mitch Albom

First things first. Take a few minutes to really contemplate this question… “Does your life have meaning?”Some people are totally in touch with what’s important and their lives have so much meaning and abundance. The majority of people, unfortunately, have lost touch with this part of themselves.

Their lives lack meaning. They have forgotten about the things that are most important in favor of the things they “have” to do.They spend more time surfing the web and watching TV than they do in true connection with loved ones.Spend some time today to think about the 3 aspects that have been brought up in this quote:

  • Do you express your love for the people who love.
  • Do you take time to immerse yourself in your.
  • Are you creating something that makes you come alive and gives you that meaning we have been talking.

Be honest with yourself. You might identify some immediate opportunities to bring the meaning back into your life!


Here’s to your success!


Program Affiliate Jutawan

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Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights – How Do You Make Money With Private Label Rights?
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Here are some of the benefits for any private label rights products that you have purchased.
One: You can change the content and rewrite it if you want to. This will mean that you will have your own product that is not like anyone else’s.

Two: You can add your name to the plr product which will mean that you are the sole owner, creator and seller.

Three: You will be an instant product owner who has the power to control the product and what is done with it. This would take you months to be able to make your own product whereas with plr products it will only take you a very small amount of time to change it so that it is unique and it is yours.
When you spend your money on private label rights you need to make sure that you get the product as is, plus you should be given the master document that will allow you to change or edit the content as you want to. You need to make sure that your plr product comes with all the websites, graphics, ad copy, source codes and everything that was stated that you would receive when you bought the package.
It can be kind expensive for you to purchase these types of products. The price usually goes from $97.00 to $1,000.00 or more. The price will depend on what all is included in the package.

Here are some ways that you can make money with private label rights:
One: You can break it down into individual reports and then sell them or you could put them on a CD so that you can sell your own physical product.

Two: You can also sell the plr to the edited content that you made. This will mean that you have a brand new product that you can offer many different types of resale rights to.
You can make good money from buying the plr product for one particular product. You will have to change it so that it is unique and then find ways that you can make it better than the original by expanding on it. Private label rights can be used for a lot of different things that will benefit you and make it easier to make money.

Summary: There are many ways that you can make money with private label rights. The plr products will also allow you to have your own product that you have total control over. Find out how these types of products can help you make money.


Masalah Duit Tak Cukup… caranya?

Oleh: Irfan Khairi

Pernahkah anda mengalaminya? Satu keadaan yang menakutkan apabila pendapatan yang kita perolehi tidak cukup untuk membayar perbelanjaan dari bulan ke bulan. Duit yang masuk tidak banyak, tetapi berbagai bil pula tiba dan bertambah di rumah. Tak cukup dengan itu, pemiutang juga sedang memberi tekanan meminta wang pinjaman. Walaupun anda sudah cuba berjimat, namun duit masih tidak cukup!

Bukan sahaja menakutkan, situasi sebegini juga membawa kepada stress yang berlanjutan. Sedihnya, ramai yang di dalam keadaan sedemikian. Tanpa ditangani, ia boleh mengakibatkan muflis. Namun, muflis bukanlah satu jalan mudah untuk menyelesaikan segala masalah. 

Saya akui, keadaan tidak cukup duit bukan segala-galanya berpunca dari kesilapan seseorang itu. Adakalanya ia terjadi akibat kemalangan, sakit, kecacatan, tempat kerja tutup, keadaan keluarga, ditipu dan berbagai lagi sebab. Namun begitu, tanggungjawab tetap perlu dipikul oleh diri sendiri dalam menangani keadaan yang penuh cabaran ini. Sememangnya sukar, tetapi terpaksa juga lakukan sesuatu dan tiada guna hanya membiarkan keadaan menjadi lebih teruk.

Langkah pertama adalah untuk mencari pendapatan yang lebih. Mungkin mencari kerja tambahan secara separuh masa. Tanya pada majikan anda sama ada terdapat kerja lebih yang boleh anda lakukan secara lebih masa. Terdapat banyak kerja-kerja sambilan yang ditawarkan. Ketepikan ego dalam terlalu memilih kerja sambilan. Pepatah Inggeris berbunyi “Beggers can’t be choosers” (pengemis tidak boleh terlalu memilih).

Satu ketika dulu ketika saya masih belajar dan menghadapi masalah tidak cukup wang, saya bekerja sebagai tukang cuci untuk mendapat wang tambahan. Zaman Internet ini, terdapat juga pelbagai peluang pekerjaan untuk mendapat pendapatan tambahan yang boleh dilakukan daripada rumah. Selain dari itu, memulakan perniagaan kecil-kecilan juga merupakan satu pilihan yang bijak.

Langkah seterusnya adalah jual apa yang anda tidak perlu. Mungkin di rumah anda terdapat perabot atau barangan yang anda tidak gunakan dan hanya mengumpul habuk? Inilah masanya untuk menjual dan mendapat wang dari barangan tersebut. Bukan sahaja membantu memperolehi pendapatan, tetapi juga membantu menambahkan ruang di rumah anda.

Sekiranya melakukan yang diatas masih tidak mencukupi, tiba masanya untuk ubah gaya hidup dalam mengurangkan perbelanjaan besar anda. Keputusan yang lebih besar perlu dilakukan seperti berpindah ke rumah yang lebih kecil dan murah di dalam kemampuan anda. Sekiranya kos kereta adalah tinggi, mungkin tiba masanya beralih kepada membawa motor atau menggunakan pengangkutan awam buat sementara. Seperti yang dikatakan, ketepikan ego dalam menangani masalah kewangan duit tak cukup.

Kepentingan Mentor Untuk Usahawan Internet

Kepentingan Mentor Untuk Usahawan Internet

Sekiranya anda baru sahaja menceburkan diri dalam bidang keusahawanan Internet, anda memerlukan tunjuk ajar bagaimana untuk menjadi seorang usahawan Internet yang berjaya. Sudah tentu anda boleh menghabiskan masa untuk mendalami ilmu-ilmu berkenaan keusahawanan Internet, membeli produk dan kursus yang melatih anda untuk berjaya. Namun pernahkah anda terfikir untuk mendapatkan seorang mentor untuk anda ikuti jejak langkah kejayaan beliau?

Sebenarnya, dengan cara memiliki mentor untuk perniagaan anda akan memberikan beberapa kelebihan. Mari kita lihat satu per satu kelebihan-kelebihan tersebut.

1.Belajar dari ilmu dan pengalaman mentor

Oleh kerana mentor lazimnya adalah seorang yang lebih lama berada dalam dunia perniagaan Internet, sudah tentu mereka mempunyai ilmu dan pengalaman masing-masing. Sebagai mentee, anda boleh belajar dari ilmu mentor anda bagaimana untuk memulakan sesuatu perniagaan dalam niche pilihan anda, di samping mempelajari daripada pengalaman mentor anda. Apakah yang telah dilaluinya untuk mencapai posisi beliau sekarang? Apakah kesilapan yang telah dilakukan sebelum ini yang sudah tentu anda perlu elakkan dalam perniagaan anda sendiri? Semua persoalan ini boleh dijawab oleh mentor anda.

2.Tunjuk ajar dan nasihat untuk memperbaiki diri sendiri

Anda juga boleh memanfaatkan tunjuk ajar dan nasihat mentor anda bagi tujuan memperbaiki diri anda sendiri sebagai seorang usahawan Internet. Dengan mendengar dan melihat rutin mentor, anda akan mempunyai gambaran bagaimana untuk menjalankan perniagaan dengan jayanya.

3.Berkongsi sumber-sumber yang digunakan oleh mentor

Sekiranya anda beruntung, mentor anda akan mendedahkan sumber-sumber yang beliau sendiri gunakan untuk perniagaan beliau, seperti perkhidmatan penulisan ebook, rekaan grafik, penulisan auresponder, percetakan dan sebagainya. Dengan cara ini, anda tidak perlu meneliti satu persatu produk atau perkhidmatan yang anda boleh gunakan untuk perniagaan anda. Sebaliknya, mentor anda telahpun menyaring sumber-sumber ini kerana kecekapan mereka dan rekod perkhidmatan yang memuaskan, dan anda cuma perlu menggunakan sahaja sumber-sumber ini.

4.Asas yang baik untuk rangkaian jangka panjang

Dengan memiliki mentor, anda sebenarnya meletakkan asas yang baik untuk rangkaian perniagaan anda pada jangka masa panjang. Ini adalah kerana mentor anda telah lebih lama berkecimpung dalam perniagaan Internet, beliau telahpun membina rangkaian yang kukuh untuk perniagaan beliau. Sebagai anak murid beliau, anda sebenarnya mengambil jalan singkat untuk mencelah masuk ke dalam rangkaian mentor anda tadi.

Setelah mengetahui kelebihan-kelebihan mempunyai mentor untuk perniagaan anda, mungkin anda tertanya-tanya bagaimanakah untuk memilih mentor yang sesuai untuk anda? Berikut diberikan beberapa tip untuk anda aplikasikan.

5.Dapatkan pandangan rakan-rakan usahawan

Sudah tentu tip yang paling asas adalah dengan bertanyakan pandangan rakan-rakan usahawan yang lain. Terdapat beberapa medium Facebook, Twitter dan forum yang anda boleh bertanyakan pandangan tersebut. Sebagai orang baru, anda tidak perlu segan silu bertanya. Dan biasanya, anda akan mendapat maklum balas yang memuaskan daripada rakan-rakan usahawan anda yang telahpun melalui proses mentoring sebelum ini dan mereka mungkin mencadangkan beberapa orang prospek mentor yang anda boleh pertimbangkan.

6.Mentor yang sesuai dengan keperluan anda

Anda boleh gariskan kekurangan diri dan perniagaan anda dan senaraikan beberapa prospek mentor untuk dipertimbangkan. Pilihlah mentor yang sesuai dengan keperluan anda. Seorang usahawan paling terkemuka di dunia besar kemungkinan bukan prospek mentor yang terbaik untuk anda kerana mungkin ilmu dan pengalaman mereka sudah mencapai tahap paling tinggi, dan tidak bersesuaian untuk orang baru seperti anda.

7.Perhatikan kaedah komunikasi dengan mentor

Semak kaedah komunikasi dengan mentor, adakah anda diberikan peluang bersua muka dengan mentor anda, atau sekadar online chat sekali setiap minggu, ataupun komunikasi melalui emel sahaja dan terhad kepada satu emel setiap bulan? Sudah tentu anda inginkan seorang mentor yang boleh kerap berkomunikasi dengan anda bagi memenuhi keperluan perniagaan Internet anda.

8.Kelaziman anda boleh mendapatkan khidmat mentoring

Tip seterusnya adalah berapa lazim anda boleh mendapatkan khidmat mentoring daripada mentor anda, selain daripada kaedah komunikasi yang telah ditetapkan. Anda mungkin berdepan dengan situasi yang memerlukan khidmat nasihat segera daripada mentor anda, dan anda perlu yakin bahawa mentor anda sedia mendengar masalah anda untuk perbincangan dan nasihat penyelesaian.

Itulah dia perkongsian ringkas mengenai kelebihan-kelebihan mentoring untuk seorang usahawan Internet seperti anda, dan beberapa tip ringkas bagaimana untuk memilih mentor yang sesuai dengan keperluan anda.


Apa itu Autopasif Income?

Auto-Pasif-Income adalah satu sistem yang menggabungkan produk, bisnes online dan teknik promosi secara auto. Produk yang dipilih adalah produk keperluan. Bisnes Online yang dipilih mempunyai rekod yang baik. Teknik promosi yang diberikan adalah secara auto untuk mempromosikan bisnes anda. Anda dapat keuntungan bila produk anda berjaya dijual. Anda juga boleh mengiklankannya sendiri untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang lebih dimana teknik promosi online terkini juga diajar dalam sistem ini.

Mengapa Auto-Pasif-Income?

Memudahkan anda untuk mendapatkan duit sampingan setiap bulan. Ramai orang gagal mendapatkan duit sampingan dalam bisnes2 tertentu kerana kegagalan memilih bisnes yang betul. Kedua ramai yang gagal kerana tidak ada masa nak buat bisnes sampingan dan tidak tahu membuat promosi dengan betul, menyebabkan produk gagal untuk dipasarkan. Kami mengambil alih tugas tersebut daripada anda, dan membantu untuk menyelesaikan kedua2 masalah tersebut dengan menggunakan sistem ini.

Bisnes dan Produk

Bisnes terbaik sekarang adalah bidang telekomunikasi. Produk yang ditetapkan adalah simkad telefon yang mempunyai bisnes networking. Jadi jika anda menggunakan handphone, sistem ini sesuai untuk anda dapat duit sampingan.


Sistem promote untuk anda.

Anda tidak perlu promosi lagi. Sistem ambil alih tugas promosi untuk anda. Jadi selesai masalah tak tahu promosi, tak mahu jumpa orang, malu jumpa orang. Anda dah tak perlu fikir bagaimana nak kembangkan bisnes. Ia diambil alih oleh sistem ini.


Kos Mampu Milik.

Untuk mendapatkan sistem ini, kos yang dikenakan hanyalah RM250-sekali bayar. Walaupun ada kos bulanan kepada agen iklan, ia akan diambil melalui keuntungan jualan anda setiap bulan (jika anda), maka anda tidak perlu fikir apa2 bayaran lagi.


FAQ (Soal Jawab)

1. Bagaimana sistem ini berjalan?
Pertama kami memilihkan produk untuk anda, dan dalam banyak2 produk dipasaran, kami memilih produk telekomunikasi dari ToneGroup, iaitu simkad Tone Excel, yang menggunakan talian daripada Tune Talk. Simkad merupakan satu produk keperluan dan mempunyai repeat sale yang tinggi. Jarang pengguna handphone akan topup sekali sahaja handphone mereka. Mereka akan topup berkali-kali apabila kredit mereka habis.

Kedua, apabila anda menggunakan sistem ini, kami akan mengambil alih tugas promosi daripada anda. Ini bermakna kami akan berusaha untuk mendapatkan pelanggan untuk anda.

2. Saya adalah pengguna aktif produk dari Tone Group iaitu Tone Excel/TonePlus, jadi bolehkah saya menggunakan sistem ini?
Boleh. Sistem ini boleh digunakan oleh sesiapa sahaja.

3. Apa yang diperolehi dengan membeli sistem ini pada harga RM250?
Pertama anda akan mendapat simkad Tone Excel yang mengandungi kredit RM60 dan data 1.5 Gb.

Kedua, bulan hadapannya anda akan dapat lagi kredit RM60 dan juga data 3 Gb.

Ketiga, sebahagian kelebihan yang diberikan oleh ToneGroup dan Tune Talk, seperti insuran kemalangan percuma, juga layak untuk anda.

4. Apa yang akan berlaku, sekiranya sistem ini berjaya mendapatkan pelanggan untuk saya?
Sekiranya sistem ini berjaya mendapatkan pelanggan untuk anda, anda akan mendapat komisyen dari jumlah topup mereka setiap bulan. Jadi kami akan menggunakan komisyen yang anda perolehi untuk untuk menampung topup handphone anda setiap bulan sebanyak RM60 sehingga maksima RM100 secara auto-topup dan juga kos promosi bergantung kepada jumlah komisyen yang anda perolehi.

Sistem ini hanya mensasarkan supaya penggunanya mencapai 2 perkara:

Pertama mendapat topup percuma setiap bulan diantara RM60-RM100/3Gb-5Gb.
Kedua mendapat extra money setiap bulan sehingga maksima RM500

Sistem ini hanya dikhususkan kepada orang ramai yang mahu menjalankan bisnes sambilan dan mendapatkan duit extra, tetapi tiada masa langsung untuk berbisnes, sibuk dengan kerja, tidak tahu mempromosikannya, tak pandai bercakap, malu nak berjumpa orang, tidak tahu internet, tidak tahu website, tidak tahu facebook, tiada pengalaman berniaga. Contoh seperti ibubapa kita yang sudah berumur dan duduk di kampung, seperti anak-anak yang masih sibok belajar.

Jika mereka yang kita sayangi mendapat faedah dari apa yang kami sasarkan, itu merupakan satu kejayaan besar buat sistem ini.

5. Adakah kemungkinan sistem anda gagal untuk mendapatkan pelanggan untuk saya?
Ya ada.
Jika kami gagal mendapatkan pelanggan untuk anda, maka perancangan untuk mendapatkan kredit/data bernilai RM60/3G setiap bulan, dan juga mendapatkan duit extra setiap bulan, juga gagal untuk dicapai.

Tetapi kami akan terus menerus mempromosikan bisnes anda ini tanpa anda perlu membayar apa-apa kos lagi selain RM250 ini.

Yang perlu anda lakukan hanyalah pastikan anda topup simkad tersebut minima RM20 setiap bulan, untuk memastikan ia tidak expired, dan kami boleh meneruskan usaha mendapatkan pelanggan untuk anda.

6. Bolehkah saya membeli sistem ini beberapa kali?
Tidak. Satu Nama/IC/Passport hanya dibenarkan menggunakan satu pembelian autopasif sahaja.

7. Bolehkah saya juga mempromosikan bisnes ini kepada orang lain?
Boleh. Sekirnya anda sudah membeli sistem autopasif ini, anda boleh memohon satu web replika autopasif dibawah Program Affiliate AutoPasif.

Pecahan dari harga keahlian Rm250:-

Simkad Rm100

Topup bulan pertama Rm30

Topup bulan kedua Rm60

Kos iklan FB Rm60

Testimoni dari pengguna:-

Klik untuk join Autopasif


Satu daripada tiga rakyat Malaysia amat bimbang tentang perbelanjaan di usia tua,dengan hanya 40% daripada penduduk Malaysia yang dalam keadaan bersedia untuk persaraan,menurut Timbalan Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia Abdul Rasheed Abdul Gahffour,namun walau bagaimana bimbang pun, Abdul Rasheed berkata, rakyat Malaysia masih menerima pakai strategi pasif untuk perancangan persaraan mereka dan bergantung penuh pada kerajaan terutamanya atau badan-badan berkanun seperti Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja untuk membiayai keperluan kewangan mereka,seperti apa yang kita maklum sebelum ini, ramai pencarum KWSP mempunyai dana yang sangat sedikit dan tidak mencukupi untuk persaraan.makanya ia membawa kita kepada persoalan lain,iaitu mengenai perancangan mereka dimana belum ada tindakan konkrit,”katanya ketika berucap pada majlis pelancaran pendidikan kewangan dan modul perancangan persaraan oleh KWSP dan Agensi Kaunseling Kredit dan Pengurusan hutang (AKPK) Jumaat lepas.

Berdasarkan kajian bank pusat pada 2015, Abdul Rasheed berkata, majoriti rakyat Malaysia tidak mempunyai pengetahuan mencukupi mengenai perkara-perkara kewangan untuk membolehkan mereka membuat keputusan kewangan berdasarkan maklumat, terutamanya di kalangan kumpulan terdedah.beliau berkata majoriti besar rakyat Malaysia memaparkan kecenderungan singkat dan cenderung untuk keselesaan sementara untuk kepuasan segera dengan mengorbankan perancangan kewangan jangka panjang.

Abdul Rasheed berkata kaji selidik itu juga mendapati bahawa lebih daripada 75% rakyat Malaysia mendapati sukar untuk turut menaikkan RM1,000 untuk memenuhi keperluan kecemasan dan menyatakan bahawa hanya satu perempat daripada rakyat Malaysia mempunyai pelaburan.Beliau menyatakan bahawa mereka akan menghadapi tekanan kewangan sekiranya berlaku kehilangan sumber pendapatan.ini boleh terjadi akibat dari kekurangan perancangan kewangan sewaktu usia  muda.Secara amnya penduduk muda berusia antara 20 dan 35 tahun melihat perancangan kewangan jangka panjang sebagai terpakai pada masa sahaja 10 hingga 20 tahun, katanya.

Oleh itu Abdul Rasheed berkata, pendidikan kewangan sepatutnya diperkenalkan dari usia muda supaya mereka akan lebih bersedia untuk mengurus kewangan yang lebih baik ketika mereka meningkat dewasa,tambah beliau lagi, perhatian yang lebih perlu diberikan kepada perancangan kewangan dan persaraan jangka panjang dalam usia muda atau apabila mereka memasuki alam pekerjaan.Oleh sebab kebanyakan kita di sini mewakili majikan di seluruh Malaysia, maka saya ingin menggesa bahawa pelajaran dan perancangan mengenai aspek kewangan perlu ada dalam modul latihan kita, termasuk pembangunan modul persaraan oleh AKPK dan KWSP.Modul persaraan dipanggil “Pesaraan,permulaan kehidupan baru” bertindak sebagai garis panduan dan rujukan terutamanya bagi AKPK dan penceramah KWSP menjalankan ceramah umum yang berkaitan dengan isu-isu mengenai pengurusan kewangan peribadi dan perancangan persaraan.